The Independent Army of The Just was founded by Velion Ode, a very rebellious former high governor of the Cyclon Alliance. The reason of this corrupt alliance is because of the leak of a law banning citizen ships. Then Velion Ode had thought that the government made poor decisions. Then in an act of desperation to get away from this government, he made an army of the three former divisions in the Cyclon Alliance: The Mine Corps, The Heli Corps, and the Ruby Patrol Squadron. After the Ruby Patrol Squadron left, along with the commander, the Sapphire Patrol Squadron had to disband due to the Patrol division being unbalanced. There were a lot of troopers that were non division as well that joined the IATJ.

Velion Ode was not as weak as anyone thought. Since all the high ranks were taken, that was the only reason he was a high governor. He also seemed to be very jealous at Mars the Dark for having a higher rank than him. Velion's ability was Burning Ice. The ice he would shoot, hit, or summon with would be so cold it would burn. But again, he was only high governor because there was no more space. And he could not be an overseer because he, in fact, is balanced in power with both overseers. Amazing, right? Other governors would join the IATJ behind the back of the Cyclon Alliance too. The only divisions that despised Velion were the Knight Corps, Navy apart from Heli Corps, Guards (Of course), The Security Corps, And The Defense Battalion. The massive war following resulted in chaos and disorder.

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